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Important Stuff

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These are the rules for submitting artwork to the club, for both contributors and regular members:

1~ First,and this is a biggie... please do not submit anything to the group unless it is made out of clay, has clay makings on it or in it(has to be visible), or is some different form of clay such as play dough. Remember this is not a photography group so although nice pictures of artwork is recommended to make it easier for everyone to see what we are looking at, it is not required.

2~ Next, please submit to the correct category. unless what you are submitting does not have a category, then submit to the "Everything Else" folder. please do not put it in the featured category, we have folders for a reason. if you have a question on submitting to a folder note either the founder or co-founder, and please see bottom for which folder to submit to.

3~While we are talking about folders, believe it or not i don't sit in front of my computer 24/7...and in fact my life has actually gotten so busy I'm lucky to get on a computer every other day if that. however if you submit something to the group and it hasn't been accepted the very first day... BE PATIENT... its ok its not personal, in fact there is a limit of 1 week for items to be left on the voting scale and if they haven't been voted on by then... in which case it means I've probably died, anyways but if they aren't voted on they are returned to you, then and only then may you resubmit the deviation. ****IF YOU SUBMIT A DEVIATION TO THE GROUP MORE THEN ONCE YOU WILL GET A WARNING... IF YOU DO IT AGAIN YOU WILL NOT ONLY BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP BUT BANNED. this also goes with common sense people i know computers mess up, so if you think your computer has screwed up your submission process and submitted it 500 times don't wait till you are kicked out to send me a note explaining whats happened, because then i will have no sympathy for you because i will have had to wade through 500 images. I'm a pretty understanding person just as long as i have all the facts to go with the situation. so if your computer or internet malfunctions in anyway, or you think it might have.... shoot me a note.

4~ Since we are now a well established group i am cutting the limit of submissions in half, so the maximum number of aloud submissions per day is now two.

5~ Please only submit one picture of a single piece of artwork. if you have collage of pictures that is perfectly fine but, submitting multiple collages or even multiple picture will no longer be accepted. also if you take a singular shot of say three items and then put all three items in a shot together, i will no longer be accepting them. if you happen to submit something to what i just described then i will either deny you're piece or ask with one you want submitted.'


What Folder Do I Submit To??????????

Ok... Allot of people seem to be having some of confusion as to what kind of clay works should be submitted into which folder, it makes me sad to decline so much wonderful art so I decided to post descriptions here, on what art should go into what folders.

~*~ Featured Folder- You cannot directly submit to this folder only works the founder or co-founder put into this folder are aloud.

~*~ Contest Folder- This folder is reserved specifically for the different contests that will be held for the club.

~*~ Deco Covers- Officially this folder is reserved specifically for items that are covered in food or Decotti like coverings... it covers a very wide range of things, so I'm not to harsh on this folder.

~*~ Charms Folder- This is a folder for charms charms and more charms. if it doesn't look like a charm, or have charm in the tittle, or say that it is a charm of some sort in the authors note, it shouldn't be placed in this folder, and most likely wont be accepted.

~*~Sculpted Food Folder- This is a folder for food that you wish you could eat but really its just for looks. it also has a wide variety of things that fall under it such as jewelry, rings, earrings, charms, accessories, or just sculpted food in general such as for table tops, so its not very strict as long as its food and its sculpted.

~*~Jewelry Folder- This folder is pretty self explanatory, as long as it is some sort of jewelry: i.e. rings, necklaces, earrings, hair berets, bracelets, or any other form of jewelry then it will be accepted.

~*~Figurines Folder- This folder is for both large and small figurines of both fan art and original art. Standing sitting doesn't matter, just another wide range folder.

~*~Everything Else Folder- For anything that i may have forgotten, or if you aren't sure where else to put it drop it here. (everything will be automatically accepted to the everything else folder.

~*~Tutorials Folder- This is a folder for people who have made tutorials about clay, in anyway shape or form. (note: only tutorials will be accepted in this folder.)

Gallery Folders

Random from Favourites

I would like to start of by saying great job on all the work you guys are doing the club has really grown over the last year and this is all because of you guys. keep it up, we are extremely close to 1,000 watchers and really close to 1,000 members.For a yearling group I think we should all take the time and pat ourselves on the back. we wanted our name out there and now it is.

Now for the real reason I randomly started to post again, on of our affiliates is doing a contest, please read to find out more...............

Octopop & Aicing's KawaiiKowai contest for October!

Kawaii means cute and Kowai mean scary in Japanese, so take something cute, could be a photo, video, or anything you find CUTE and turn it into something absolutely HORRIFYING! The subject could be anything you find. So make sure when you submit your entry to include the original subject of your entry along with it.

All details can be found in this journal : [link]
More Journal Entries



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Hi there! The jewelry folder is over it's size limit!
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Hi. How do I request to be a member of your group of amazing artists? Thank you, Emma
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Hey, I read the rules and you explicitly said that you only accept crafts that use clay or variations of clay. So I was wondering, would cold porcelain be out of place here? if it is, then I won't bother you joining and submitting stuff that you do not accept and might just give you a watch. Hope you can reply and thanks in advance ♥
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How do I share my clay artworks here in this group?
allison-joyce-lee Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for accepting me. :)

How do I share my clay artworks here in this group?
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This club appears to be dead, none of the Admins seem to have logged on since 80 weeks O_o
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